Why Article Writer™?

You are Talented!!

1We know why you are here, and how you came here now!! We believe everyone have the art of writing. You may be a starter or an experienced professional, here in Article Writer™, you earn cash for each and every word you write. All submissions are checked for Plagiarism, and if any matches detected would cause the permanent disable of your author account.

Articles are Waiting for You!

2Article Writer™ have thousands of orders coming in every month on topics from all areas. There are plenty of interesting articles for you to write. There are no sign-up fees or any other fees.

With Article Writer, you’re in control. Unlike other writing services, we don’t have any specific writing commitment. That is, you choose your time and topics. If you are qualified, we would allot you a time slot and send you article topics. Your account stays open until you tell us.

Your Quality decides your Earnings!!

3 Your earnings would be clearly listed for each article, and pay-offs occur mostly by monthly unless requested for weekly. We are not selling articles. Since you are not our employee, but an independent contractor, we won’t charge you tax. We’re committed to serving our authors professionally and promptly.

Grow with Article Writer™!!

4 When you grow and succeed, so do we. Your works are reviewed by our editorial staff. We give feedback on errors as well as strengths to help you to have a continuous and consistent improvement. To help you improve, we also send you resources to help you brush up on your writing.

Fast and Friendly Support!!

5We are available for your questions and any doubts when you need help. We answer e-mails at admin@articlewriter.in around the clock.

Hiring Process

If you have the skills and talent, Article Writer™ offers a virtual workplace and guaranteed pay for quality work. We offers you limited access to our help resources, to make your work life as efficient as possible.

Our hiring process is very simple, but sharp. We initially review your resume along with your sample work. If you are qualified, we would contact you through email or phone for the second level interview, over there compensation and other terms and conditions would be discussed. Article Writer™ would request you to submit the required documents, before assign you with your first assignment. We would simplify the process as following steps.

1Register with us and submit your resume.


2We would contact you to your email to submit your sample work.


3After reviewing your work, if qualified, we would contact you directly to your phone for the interview process. We would discuss the entire job profile and the terms and conditions engaged with Article Writer™.


4In the next step, if we found you as our asset, we would send request to submit the photocopies of your PAN and any Photo ID. We would setup the payment terms with you, either through Paypal or your bank account. We would request your convenient time to work with Article Writer™. This is almost the last step before giving you the assignments.

5We would welcome you as the part of Article Writer™ and send your Author ID with Offer letter. Upon receipt of the signed offerletter back in our Dept., we would start sending you the article topics.

Pay & Compensation

We continuously review your work and consider revising your rate periodically. Our compensation to you is set by the quality of your work.

Our rate starts from INR 0.35 per word. Most of our articles require 300-1000 words. If you are able to submit the work within 2 hours, occasionally you would be given work of that category, named Ultrafast Program, which gives you INR 0.55 per word.

We are in the business for years and we honor our authors by periodic incentives. We respect your culture and benefits, and benefits you with bonuses for your local celebrations and rites.

Our assignments cover a very wide variety of topics and categories, and hence allow writers to work on the topics most relevant to their expertise. We have the deadline for the submission, normally 24 hours, and hence you would be fined with no pay if your submission crossed the time limit.

Please note that, as an independent contractor, you are responsible for any and all income taxes required on freelance income. Article Writer does not withhold income tax from your earnings.

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